7th maj, 2014

Patents in the press as never before

  Due to the fact that the danes are voting about the European patent court may 25.th the papers are full of patentstories. Most of the stories are biased one way or the other.

I am sure that the danes will be none the wiser when they approach the booth in a few weeks time.

The last two days alone there has been 59 stories or comments in the press about the patent court – according to the dkpto press clippings.

This morning I heard a radio interview with representative from the association for organized IT Professionals in Denmark (PROSA) Mikkel Hammer Nonbo. The interview was one of the usual: full of fear mongering and warped information. Nonbo among other things claimed that the patent system was designed for a world where agriculture dominated and not IT. This statement ignores the fact that the EPC was drafted in the shadow of early IT development and wisely formulated so Europe would not end up in the same mess as the americans.

One thing he did answer clearly and factual was that there is no problem with patent trolls in Europe.

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