23rd nov, 2012

The work of God on trial

A fascinating case is going on in a Danish court these days.
An independent game developer against God …or some of his representatives anyway.
Game developer Mark Rees-Andersen has been sued by the catholic organization Opus-Dei for trademark infringement. Mark has developed a game called ‘Opus-Dei: Existence After Religion’, which Opus-Dei feels clashes with their name. More likely they dont like the atheist themed boardgame.
Mark has a trademark for his logo and a domain name. He even has a decision by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office about Opus-Dei´s use of their name in Denmark – which is none. Opus-Dei is a European trademark held by the organization (No. 000844860). A good point here is that the Opus-Dei trademark is registered to classes 16, 38,41,42, and not class 28 which covers games.
As Mark himself says “God must be open source” and therefore free for all. A point I will agree with him in. If Christianity begins sanctioning the use of the faith, it moves towards sects like Scientology or Moon.
The case has a few more days in court before its decided, but my guess is that the Opus Dei must bow to the manmade laws.

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