7th okt, 2012

Steering the tanker

The last few weeks i have been occupied with the task of analyzing how to communicate strategy so an organization can change its goals and pace.
Inspired by Eric Brlows talk about how to make the complex more simple I made a map of points in our strategy and how they were connected –spheres of influence. That map was pretty complicated but also gave some insights. Firstly our strategy has three overall goals. My map showed that one of these goals was the prerequisite of the others. So to attain the two you have to focus on the one. That enabled me to focus on that goal in my communication. My map also showed that there was quite an effect on our organization both in requires skillsets and how we work together.

The map gave me a good overview of our strategy and very usefull hints of what points to communicate. Hopefully changing our organization to match our strategy will be easier.

Mapping tools and tips are welcome.

 I used Visio for the actual map which will guide me through our implementation.

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