16th jun, 2012

This week’s funny lawsuit

Sometimes lawsuits over IP are so odd that they are funny. This week’s lawsuit against the Danish comedy group “Rytteriet” is one of those.
During the last few years Rytteriet has produced a series of cover songs where they change one word in the lyrics. It is always the word “penis” that is introduced in the lyrics. The songs are pretty funny because the change of one word makes a lot of difference.
Now a grandchild of one of the songwriters has filed a lawsuit against Rytteriet and the Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) demanding compensation…and a special broadcast about his grandfather Vilhelm Gregersen.
I do not believe that the lawsuit will be successful since parodies are still allowed – copyright or not. The fact is that the copyright is expired since it is a song from 1911 and the songwriter died in 1929. So the only IP still alive is the droit moral of the artist. As I said I doubt that a court will find for the grandchild – and thank god for that.
Heris the offending song.

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