1st jun, 2012

Google not barred by copyright from using Java API

I have previously written about the Google vs Oracle case regarding Java copyright. Oracle is claiming copyright infringement over Googles use of Java API.
Today the verdict was handed down by Judge Aslup who ruled in favor of Google. In his opinion he states that “This order does not hold that Java API packages are free for all to use without license. It does not hold that the structure, sequence and organization of all computer programs may be stolen. Rather, it holds on the specific facts of this case, the particular elements replicated by Google were free for all to use under the Copyright Act.”
And also says that “To accept Oracle’s claim would be to allow anyone to copyright one version of code to carry out a system of commands and thereby bar all others from writing their own different versions to carry out all or part of the same commands. No holding has ever endorsed such a sweeping proposition.”
The ruling has two points:
·         The Java packages are not free to use
·         In this case the use of Java API´s is allowed – especially since 97% of the Google code is original and only 3% is lifted from Java API´s

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