12th dec, 2011

IBM offers new strategic IP platform

IP strategy should be a central part of your company’s daily business. The strategy could have a direct impact on decisions being made. IBM´s new service – SIIP – demonstrates just what such an impact could be. SIIP is a platform that aggregates patent and scientific literature data and offers powerful search and analytics capabilities (it chews your food for you). This allows a company to map the technologies needed to produce new products or services. The map will show some areas that are littered with expired patents, some that are heavily fortified and some that are only described in journals. This allows your company to identify which road not to take, potential partners and unseen opportunities. In the figure below I sketched out three companies – Blue, red and green.


Blue wants to market a new product but red and green have more advanced technologies. So what to do? Collaborate with red – looks expensive. Collaborate with green – looks less expensive. Promote a cheaper product less advanced? Or use the white spots which are expired patents or non-patented technology (yes there is such a thing)? Your decision will depend on what your company wants to sell – a high end product, a cheap “copy” or a niche product. With the right information your choice gets easier. Read more about SIIP here:


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