20th maj, 2011

Troll Blogging

I was surprised to stumble across the blog of Lodsys, LLC an alleged patent troll. Lodsys is best known for a series of mobile patent lawsuits against Apple and others. Florian Mueller has a take on the case here.

On its blog – which is more like a FAQ – Lodsys is posting questions and answers and try and defend their actions. They declare that all communication to the public will go thru the blog. I’m not sure that’s a wise strategy, but I have added them to my blog list and will see if anything interesting comes out of the belly of the beast. I am hoping for an insightful blog but fear an ordinary press release like sterile text machine. What I want to hear about is their strategy, how the company was created opinions on other trolls and reflections on the arguments other than the gut reaction “it is our right”.


This is indeed a troubling trend — the fact that MacroSolve and Lodsys are filing patent enforcement actions against one-person app development shops, rather than against the “deep-pockets” targets like Google and Apple, does not bode well for the future of innovation. Such lawsuits will inevitably discourage some small-scale developers from continuing their work, which will in turn deprive consumers of technological advances. What a shame.

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