18th maj, 2011

Most traffic on the internet is legal

A report by Sandvine shows that almost half of US fixed access net traffic is real time entertainment. According to the report this means that most traffic on the net is now legal traffic – considering copyright. If the growth continues the number will be around 60% at the end of the year. The odd part is that the percentage of p2p traffic – most of it being copyright infringement – hasn’t dropped but stays steady around 19%. One way to interpret this is that the volume of traffic has risen but mainly due to real time streaming.

Netflix is the undisputed bandwidth leader on North America’s fixed access networks and accounts for 29.7% of peak period downstream traffic.

In Europe the numbers aren’t that cheerful. Here real-time entertainment is only 33% and p2p 30%.


The reason for this could be that the real time services are not available everywhere (and yes I want a Danish Netflix site). The Spotify service accounts for most of Europe’s traffic.
The report has a very good point I think. “peer-to-peer file sharing, a large proportion of which is people trading copyrighted files, isn’t going to disappear overnight. And it won’t decline significantly until Hollywood makes more of its back catalog and new releases available for rental and online streaming”. This is very true. The comparison of what Netflix does to the amount of legal streaming should make the right holders rush to the local clearing houses to get the service working in all countries. If you make it easy more users will choose the legal solution.

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