11th mar, 2011

Louis Vuitton continues attack on Danish artist

Some time ago I told the story about Nadia Plesner who created a t-shirt displaying an African child holding a small dog and a Louis Vuitton look alike bag. At the time Nadia Plesner stopped the t-shirts, but now the case has popped up again.

Nadia Plesner has created a painting called “Dafurnica” which among other things displays the image of the African boy. Louis Vuitton is pretty upset by this and in a Dutch court has obtained an order to stop displaying the painting.

One thing is to stop your trademark from generating revenue for others in a commercial sense, another thing is to stop a piece of art with a political expression. In my opinion this should be taken into consideration by the court. In Danish legal tradition people, companies and brands must endure parody and satire. LV will probably protest and say that it must be possible to convey the message without an LV bag. In my opinion it doesn’t matter what the artist could do but that the artist has chosen a form of expression that is acceptable in a political view with a non-commercial motive.
It will be interesting to follow the case in court.

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