10th mar, 2011

We don´t need commercialization

The last few days I have been considering how new computer games are created. I watched the pilot of the Minecraft documentary and read an article in Danish newspaper Erhvervsbladet about the creation of ‘Limbo’.
Both games seem to be created in an atmosphere where commercial issues are kept away from the development. In the case of Limbo this was a very deliberate choice. I have heard a similar quote from the Danish movie business where directors claim that the formal framework of law and economy will kill creativity. It would seem that in order to thrive games and movies must be left alone.
I still think that game and movie development could benefit from strategists from early on. The reason they don’t have them is that the developers or directors focus on creation not management and therefore they hire developers and not managers. An idea would be to associate a strategist in a passive role. The strategist would be an observer and behind the scenes prepare the game, movie etc. for meeting the market. The strategist would preferable make no suggestions on the path of the creation but would prepare for launch by securing copyrights, drafting NDA´s checking for partners etc. When the game is ready the company is ready too and doesn’t have to waste time preparing for launch. In reality several companies could share a strategist and get the benefits for a reduced cost.

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