9th dec, 2010

Whats it worth?

In its latest newsletter the DKPTO has a story about a workshop for inventors focused on the value of the inventions. The inventors could present their inventions to a panel of innovation and IP experts and be guided to protection, production and probable business value. 70 inventors participated in the workshop…very impressive. 

Such initiatives are important because being an inventor is not enough. Recently I have been guiding an inventor wanting to promote a good idea, and was concerned about protection. However as we talked the pieces of the inventors business strategy were assembled. The concept behind the idea and its field of use influences the possible protection. The level of protection influences the risks in the project and business strategy. In this case weak protection of the idea meant that collaborating with a strong partner or a number of partners was the best way forward. The protection of the idea and elements however gave a good bargaining position in relation to the potential partners. In the end I hope all the elements comes together and works out for the hopeful inventor. 

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