19th nov, 2009

Patent Tax and Information

Some time ago i posted a link to a Deloitte opinion on IP tax in Denmark. Via IP Finance I found a link to the Australian IP toolbox site which also contains a page on tax issues. The page covers various IP types and also the requirements of stamp duty in IP deals. 


On the page is also found IP valuation and accounting standards. 


All in all the IP toolbox is actually a pretty good initiative. Australia has been ground breaking in re-thinking the public sector in a number of areas, eg. tax. 


The closest thing we have in Denmark is “Stop piraterne” a website dedicated to the anti-piracy initiatives but not IP in general. 


Sitting here thinking of presentation of IP information I get an idea. The experiences users know how to find information and type in the specific address of the site containing the information they want (which is why the DKPTO website is separated in a professional and a beginner segment). The in-experienced users will typically use Google to search for information. One thing in common for the two is that usually the users will have to switch between sites to get a complete picture of the IP landscape. As a result the right thing to do would be to create a common IP website (one stop shopping). This of course would require extensive inter agency corporation, which is hard to do.

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