18th sep, 2009

Second life is not dead, it’s being sued

It’s been a while since anybody heard anything to Second Life, and I was wondering whether it was slowly dying like many hyped things. 


Apparently Second Life is still around and now it is being sued for the first time by one of its resident companies – Eros. The lawsuit is about whether Linden Labs (creator of SL) has violated Eros’ IP by not barring or taking preventive steps to stop illegal copying of its products. Among the problems listed by Eros is that Linden Labs will not ban users uploading or selling copied content. The question is whether Linden can monitor all uploads and screen it for copies. That might be hard.

I was surprised to learn that the exchange of virtual goods between residents for $ 120 mio. the first quarter of 2009 – maybe the virtual world is not that dead afterall.

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