19th aug, 2009

Anti-Piracy´s latest weapon: humor (Too bad they pirated the idea)

Anti-Piracy´s latest weapon: humor
 Usually when BSA, IFPI and other major organizations fight against IP-piracy the weapon of choice is fear. The users must fear being caught and therefore not download pirated music or software. That strategy haven’t been that effective since  the piracy rate is still around 41%.
That is probably one of the reasons that BSA now changed horses and employs a new emotion: Humor. In the latest ad campaign BSA spoofs tv-shows like “Dateline” or Danish “Operation X” going undercover and revealing all kinds of sordid crimes.
Does it work…I’m not so sure, but that might be because I think it’s not that well done. See for yourself on youtube.
A funny thing is that when I saw the clip on Youtube another clip was recommended and it turns out that it is almost an identical idea done by the message show 2 years ago. Interesting how the pirate fighters uses piracy in their struggle 😉

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