22nd feb, 2015

How far does an architects rights go?

In 2007 Jean Nouvel was asked to design the the Philarmonie de Paris building. It resulted in a cultural complex dedicated to music featuring a concert hall and exhibitions spaces inaugurated January 2014.
Now Jean Nouvel is suing the Philarmonie de Paris for breaching his moral rights (droit moral). The reason is that he claims that several of the buildings original designs were not implemented. Nouvel didn’t attend the inauguration in 2014 since he felt his rights were breached.
I wonder how many architects have seen their designs changed in the construction phase – my guess is most have.
One of the more notable, I can think of is Jørn Utzon and the Sydney Opera House. Utzon did not finish his project due to arguments with the city. Many of his ideas for the Opera house were abandoned after he left. As far as I know there was no lawsuit then.
When the Nouvel case is tried we will see the limits of the architects rights.
Via the 1709 blog

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