16th jul, 2014

Report on public innovation

The Danish Centre for Public Innovation (COI) has published a new report about public innovation – “Ud pÃ¥ kanten, ind til kernen, over til naboen”.


The points made by COI are:

·         The politicians are an enabling factor if the allow an experimenting approach.

·         A culture based on curiosity, openness and experimenting is key

·         Using employees and users in the process is important

·         It is difficult to sum up the effects of innovation – there are many different bottom lines

·         There is a large potential for knowledge sharing


One of the cases in the report was very inspiring and at the same time a picture of the challenges, you have to overcome as an inventor in the public system. A nurse at a hospital got an idea for a pacifier for infants supplying oxygen to the child. The idea was picked up and developed into a product and resulted in a patent.


The voyage from idea to a product took 6 years and that is a process that will stop most people. Of course it could be a strategy to whittle out the weakest innovation but I doubt that is the case.

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