28th jun, 2014

Denmark leading the way in green break through innovation

Normally we look at the number of patents when trying to assess the innovative force of a country. However, looking to the quality of patents will give you a hint on where the best inventions are made.

I´m proud to say that in the environmental or green area Denmark is leading the way.

Last week Aquaporin won the European Inventor Award in the SME category for “their invention of a water-purifying membrane coated with aquaporins, which purifies water without consuming large amounts of energy. The innovation of this Danish team of chemists relies on the natural filtering function of so-called aquaporins. Unlike conventional methods, it does not require an elaborate filtration system based on energy- and cost-intensive hydrostatic pressure.”

This is the third Danish winner in four years and the second green invention to win. The last winner was Jens Peter Dall for his biomass based energy plant.

The Danish may not apply for most patents but the innovation that is generated is of very high quality.

Read more at the DKPTO site

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