13th jan, 2014

Converting waste to value

A small Danish company is moving ahead with groundbreaking technology aimed at reducing energy consumption. TEGnology has developed new energy materials, which convert waste heat into electricity.

In Denmark, there is a long tradition for taking waste and converting it into energy. The world’s first district heating system in Frederiksberg is a good example of this.

The basis of the company is not only its innovative thinking but also its patents. Together with Aarhus University and the German Aerospace Center, TEGnology has just been granted a patent for their new invention.

This shows a solid commercial strategy including protection, corporation and market knowledge. TEGnology says that “With the new patent, TEGnology is now able to roll out the technology much faster and with even greater confidence than before, and as a result, the company is looking for strategic partnerships and collaborations in an effort to promote and expedite the commercial application of this innovative technology”.

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