24th dec, 2013

In Denmark, everybody gets to vote for the European Patent Court

Since some Danish politicians have decided to mate the European Patent Court a political issue. We are voting about the European Patent Court in a public referendum. The date has been set to may 25th.Together with the vote for the European parliament.

Most Danes won’t understand the issue at stake and rely on media coverage for information rather than investigating this distant subject themselves. What makes a good story in the media? Opposites. Therefore – since the mainstream is “vote yes” – I predict a massive focus on the no side. The no side is also able to deliver juicy stories playing on our fears – perfect for media.

There will be stories about the court allowing patents for things otherwise non patentable and small inventors bullied by big greedy corporations.

But if you read the text, the new court will administer EU-law, The European Patent Convention and national law – just like courts are doing today. What was not patentable yesterday will not be patentable tomorrow.

Let the game begin.

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