1st maj, 2013

Game developer shows that companies can play a role in educating users about IP

Some weeks ago I downloaded a trial version of Game Dev Tycoon for my Surface. It’s a sim game about game development – a game about a game… Its almost like a dream within a dream. I played the trial version of the game which was ok, but nothing big. It seems that I have been one of the only users playing the game legally.

Eurogamer tells how a day after the launch of the game almost all playing the game were using a pirated version.

This obviously frustrated the creators – Greenheart Games -who had missed out on $ 25.000 in lost profits. Not a lot of money compared to Fifa 13 but a lot to two guys trying to launch a game. There is a trial version of the game out, so you can test the game before buying.

Therefore Greenheart Games uploaded their own pirated version to pirate sites and torrents. Their game came with a twist however.

The users downloading the modified pirated version would experience dwindling profits during gameplay due to piracy of the game developed in the game. The result were a lot of frustrated gamers asking for solutions to the problem and claiming that it was unfair that their profits disappeared because of pirates. Pretty ironic.

The motivation of Greenheart has been to highlight how their business model works and that piracy hurts their efforts.This shows that companies can play a role in “educating” consumers.

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