15th okt, 2012

When artists dont get copyright basics, it,s uphill from there

Reading my Sunday paper I almost choked on my coffee (made on my brand new Gaggia espresso machine so it’s not a thing to be wasted!).

The reason was that Danish music artist Cæcilie Nordby in an interview with the headline “Spotify is created by satan himself” says “Men Spotify er noget, fanden har skabt, for det er en fuldstændig underminering af vores levevej som musikere og komponister, fordi du kan lytte til millioner af musiknumre uden at betale” English translation: Spotify is created by satan himself because it is a complete undermining of our career as musicians and composers, because you can listen to millions of songs without paying.

I sincerely hope it’s a wrong quote or something because Spotify is exactly the opposite. Spotify and other paid streaming services does give money to the artists thru their collection society just like ordinary CD´s. So I hope it was an honest mistake and she meant “Pirate Bay” or something…if not there is a long way to go.

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