7th sep, 2012

Bad Bots enforce copyright

One of the new big things is patrolling the internet for illegal streaming of copyrighted material. This immense workload is handled by robots of course. These bots are coded to match the  content being streamed against a database containing information about copyrighted material. If a stream is violating copyright the stream is blocked in real time.
This is all well and good – if the bots were doing a good job. In Wired’s article “Streaming Video’s Robotic Overlords” it is obvious that the system works…but is flawed. There are examples of completely legal services and broadcasts being shut down – among these Michelle Obamas speech at the Democratic convention 2012.
This is a bad thing and shows that the bots still need to mature a great deal before we let them roam the net freely. As Professor Kembrew McLeod – is quoted for saying “A lot of fair use is really easy, but it’s not coded into these algorithms,” Higgins said. “A human can tell very easily that the clip from Doctor Who that they showed was actually fair use. There’s no question about that. But there’s no way for a robot to tell.”

We still need human logic for making human descisions.

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