4th sep, 2012

A perfect blog post turns out to be a red herring

As I drove to work this morning I was already thinking of headlines for this blogpost

  • Armageddon for Apple
  • Will Itunes Die Hard?

And so on
The reason was that across the board media was reporting on a story about Bruce Willis suing Apple over rights to his Itunes library. This great story is shortly after revealed as untue by Willis´s wife. Good thing the Guardian took time to do some research.
CNN tries to save face by stating that “the news reports, exaggerated or not, do raise potentially significant issues about ownership of digital music and whether someone could pass on digital assets to heirs”.
I agree that it is an intriguing legal question, but hardly worth headlines on all major news sites. What happened to your granddads or dads records when he passed away? My guess is that most people sell them off or put them I the trash. So the problem will not be that big a deal anyway.

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