16th aug, 2012

Denmark in top 10 of most innovative countries

Insead and WIPO have published the Global Innovation Index 2012. To my surprise Denmark is nr. 7 on that list, behind the top 3 consisting of Switzerland, Sweden and Singapore. Actually Denmark was placed as nr. 6 last year so it’s a drop for the Danes. The index is a combination of many factors like Human Capital, Institutions and Business Sophistication. In the institutional area Denmark is a clear #1.
One interesting analysis in the Report is the innovation efficiency where China and India tops the list and many developed countries are longer down the list. Denmark is among the leaders but in a middle group.
The report is very interesting and circles around the subject “How is innovation and growth linked. As one of the contributors put it “The right culture of innovation guarantees a high degree of coherence between strategies and capabilities or between a company’s aspirations and its implementation. “

A very funny conclusion of the report is that the authors have created a map showing where innovation in certain areas ideally would take place, based on the countries placement in the different categories. Denmark would be perfect for innovation in regulatory quality, Switzerland in Environmental performance and Mongolia in microfinance.

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