2nd jul, 2012

The European Parliament sure hates patents!

Friday last week the European Council voted yes to the proposal creating a European Patent. The process has been long and hard. Negotiations in close to 30 years finally brought a result.

Today the European Parliament destroyed that achievement.

In a press release it is said “Parliament’s vote on the European patent was postponed by a vote, requested by rapporteurs Bernard Rapkay (S&D, DE), and Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP, DE), in response to the Council’s plan to delete three key articles on Tuesday morning, just before Parliament’s debate.”

The Council had amended articles 6 -8 and now the parliament wants to look into the matter further.

I hope this is not yet a delay for a needed reform!


Hopefully this recent disagreement will be worked out soon. A unitary patent for the EU is a major accomplishment, and should help to improve efficiency and to make the EU more competitive with the US.

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