29th maj, 2012

The world’s most successful business concept copied in China

First it was Apple that found fake concept stores in China. Now IKEA must see a newly opened furniture store copying its concept. The store – 11 Furniture – looks like IKEA and is almost a replica of the Swedish shops. Even the furniture looks Swedish in their design.

This shows the value of the concept behind the brand. The copy leeches on color schemes, look and feel and other elements of the IKEA brand. In Denmark and other countries this would be punishable by the marketing code, so there is hope that the plagiarism is isolated to China. However there is the possibility for countries in the developing world – including BRIC – will establish parallel brands to the originals.


Probably the copying company pays more in tax than the real IKEA – unless, of course, it has also copied the tax evasion strategies of IKEA?

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