2nd feb, 2012

Dis information as a strategy

The last few days ACTA has been acting up in Denmark. My guess is the perceived SOPA success in the US has inspired grassroots to try their luck once more. And with some success. The Danish minister for Trade has been asked to answer questions about ACTA in the parliament.
What is interesting is the amount of disinformation which is connected to ACTA. It got so bad that MP Trine Bramsen had to ask her Facebook followers to read up on the subject before submitting their opinions to her. Little did that help. Last night I spent some time debunking myths and misinterpretations about ACTA in a discussion on Trines opinions posted on Facebook. It is very obvious that opposition is in two categories- the ones who does not understand what is going on but are not afraid to promote their opinion and who are 100% certain of the truth of said opinion. Then there are the ones out for a general IP bashing using ACTA as an excuse.
So the status is that there are all kinds of information about ACTA being spewed out, most of it untrue and more confusing than clarifying.

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