28th dec, 2011

If Louis Vuitton cut their costs for silly lawsuits they would improve their margin considerably

Today I read a story about Louis Vuitton suing somebody again. This time it´s Warner brothers because of the use of a fake Louis Vuitton bag in the movie Hangover 2.

In the movie one of the characters claim that his travelling bag is a LV, although it is a fake. See the clip with the bag here. Nobody has any chance of determining whether the bag is fake or not. Still LV is upset since a fake bag is claimed to be a LV bag.


There can only be one result of this case and that is yet another loss for LV. The scene is a commentary to both the luxury good cult and the fact that many people brandish their knock offs like they were the real thing. Instead of suing Warner brothers LV should have engaged the company in a more intelligent way fx with a suggestion that the fake bag has some role to play in the movie.
This is yet another example of dinosaur enforcement (enforcement like in the ancient days). With all those silly lawsuits by LV its no wonder their goods are so expensive.

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