16th dec, 2011

The world’s most innovative companies in 2011

Thompson has published this year’s list over the world’s most innovative companies – from a technological view. Several factors are compiled to make the list, which contain several interesting points.
No Danish companies in the top 100 but our Swedish neighbors make up about 7% of the most innovative companies.
Different regions have different strengths or focus areas: USA does semiconductors and electronic components, Asia does computer hardware and cars and Europe does machinery.
The companies on the top 100 list created 400.000 new jobs in 2010 and ¾ of the companies saw an increase in stock value. Innovation is the mother of growth it would seem.
It is remarkable that only 4 software companies are on the list. Has software lost its innovation power? To be fair companies like Apple and IBM are software companies as well but are listed as hardware producers. Also there are only 2 pharma companies on the list, which is surprising to me.
In my opinion there are several conclusions to be drawn from the list.
For one that innovation is the key to growth, the problem being supporting an innovative culture. Many of the companies on the list are well known for their integrated innovative company culture, which mean that in order to ensure growth companies must be living innovation not just doing innovation as a bi-product.
Second it is interesting that the analysis does not include a green focus. Not just to see which companies are the most innovative in green tech – and indeed if there are any in the top 100. But also to see if there is the necessary innovation in green technologies. If you take the “petroleum” category, this could be a sign of research activity in better use of fossil fuels. This category is at the bottom of the list. Chemicals could be an indicator of green tech and is doing pretty well. A comparable analysis of the top 100 most green innovation companies could be interesting.

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