12th dec, 2011

It just got a bit easier to be an inventor in Denmark

The Danish Patent and Trademark office just launched a new portal to encourage transfer of knowledge. The site although it has a somewhat long and very Danish sounding name (IP-Handelsportal) collects a lot of useful information and templates for startups wanting to sell or license IP. There is even 4 different standard contracts. The aim of the portal is to save innovative companies time and money.

One of the parts I really liked is the area describing different ways of valuating IP. The website also offers Excel templates for conducting evaluations of your patent, trademark or design.

What companies or the lone inventor will find difficult about the portal is getting started with all the information. A new startup may not be capable of making a market analysis or an overview over available protection methods. A more thorough guide would be helpful here…but then again consultants have to make a living too.

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