30th nov, 2011

Fake luxury goods stinks

In a Danish newspaper today is a story about a woman who did some internet shopping and ended up with less than she hoped for.
The woman saw a Canada Goose jacket online at 1/3 of the normal price. Ignoring a lot of warning signs she buys the jacket. When the jacket arrives it is everything but original. The quality is appaling and in the deal she got an awful smell as well. The manufacturer (which is not the Canada Goose company) saved some money on not cleaning the feathers of the unfortunate birds stuffed in the jacket as filling. This of course results in the organic materials in the feathers rotting – with a pretty disgusting smell surrounding the jacket.
What surprises me is the fact that this woman (a school teacher) ignored all the signals clearly signaling that this is of course a fake jacket she is buying.

  • The price, if it’s too good to be true, that’s just what it is
  • The vendor. I saw the website and it looks all fake. If she had bothered checking up on the site, she would have found out that the website is listed as a site selling fake jackets…by Canadian Goose! I tested some of the other sites and it is very obvious that they are fake. For one thing the sites in Danish language are horribly translated probably via Google translate.
  • The origin. The jacket is shipped out of Shanghai and the company mail address is a Hotmail address.

And still she bought the jacket. Why? Because she probably knew it was fake but hoped that  the quality would be ok and saved some money. Instead she got a smelly rag and lost her money. The incredible thing is that in the article it is said that she bought an original jacket afterwards but still wears the fake one when walking the dog…what’s up with that?
Many years ago I heard a story about a guy buying a fake Canadian Goose jacket with the same result as in this case. I always wondered if it was an urban legend. Now I know its true.

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