24th okt, 2011

Bang and Olufsen – Love, Innovation, Quality

In the Wired article ” Can the Cult of Bang & Olufsen Last?” the author Rob Walker asks that very question but gives no answer. I’ll try and give some pointers to the left out answer.
As Walker depicts in the article Band & Olufsen produces high end and high prices audio and video sets. The products boasts a futuristic design but somehow gives the impression of being a thing of the past. How can a company like that survive?
Part of the answer is the cult around the company. Like Apple the B&O followers are devoted to the company products. My own father still sees B&O as the best of the best and was very proud when I got my first B&O TV set. Whenever he visits we always seem to be watching that set instead of the newer one in my living room.
Also similar to Apple the company has ground breaking designs compared to others. A TV is never just a TV and a loudspeaker never just a loudspeaker. A very distinct design ideology obvious in every product. I remember in the late 90´ies I tested a piece of B&O mp3 software. That software was designed as you would a piece of hardware, and gave you that B&O feeling. When all TV´s began looking like the old B&O products (large slabs of black basalt) the company set themselves apart from the rest by redefining the TV with Beovision 10. If you want to signal that you are apart from the pack the obvious choice is B&O.
Lastly the quality of the product is unmistakable. It might be that you want a TV every 2 years but for some a TV that lasts for 15 years both technically and design wise B&O is the answer – the only answer.

That is why the Cult can last – Love, Innovation, Quality

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