20th okt, 2011

Be inspired, but too much will cost you

We have all tried to be inspired by an artist and created out own work in that artists spirit. Rihanna learned the hard way that even if you love an artist you should be careful of how your love is expressed.

When making her “S&M” video Rihanna looked a bit too close at one of her Idols David LaChapelle. The artist famous for his photos decided that it was a bit too close for comfort and filed a lawsuit. He is quoted for saying that although he liked her music business is business. The case is now settled out of court after getting a court opinion saying that Rihanna was infringing on LaChapelle.


A good example of a bit too much inspiration.
As I told my daughter the other day copying is an important starting point learning to draw, but when you reach a certain point you have to get your own style.

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