17th okt, 2011

Next Attack on IPhone may have Danish origin

The mobile war is still raging with companies like Apple, Samsung and HTC putting their bids in for the mobile supremacy.
The next strike from Samsung may originate from a Danish inventor. Comon reports that when “antenna gate” unfurled last year a patent solving the IPhone antenna problem was already on its way through the system. A Danish professor has analyzed the new IPhone 4S and thinks that it may infringe the patent by Danish inventors in collaboration with some Korean scientists.
The problem could be a major setback but may not be that big after all. If you look at the patent you see that the patent family only consists of an American and a Korean patent both with priority from 2005. This means that it’s long overdue for an international application and not valid (or can be) in Europe. This means that you can sell that IPhone 4S in Europe without trouble, but Apple can face problems in Korea and the US.

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