8th aug, 2011

Danish Winner at the Core 77 Design Awards

The online design magazine Core 77 has published the 2011 Core 77 design awards. Designers compete in 15 categories ranging from packaging and branding to concepts.
Going thrugh the winners there is a lot of creativity to be found in the winners. From Bell Labs Global Whiteboard and Motonium Designs electric motorbike to Mathew Ryans 4th amendment t-shirt.
There is even two Danish projects mentions one winner and one runner up.

In the category “Speculative Objects / Concepts” Rune Kirt & Mads Thomsen won for their project. Knarr Cargo Airship. KNARR is a wind turbine freight system by modern airship technology powered with solar energy See their blog here). In the “Packaging” category Scanwood is a runner up for their packaging for package design for sustainable kitchen utensils.

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