8th jun, 2011

What have you done for me lately Creative Commons?

Tonight I attended the some rights reserved salon arranged by Creative Commons Denmark. The subject was the publishing business and creative commons licenses. A presentation by Gyldendal – a major Danish publisher – showed the challenges faced by the publishers. Two writers told about their experiences with releasing their works under CC-licenses. Very interesting presentations – they will be published on DONA soon I’m told.

It was clear that the audience had a hard time seeing what CC would give them that they didn’t already have. For the publishers the CC-license doesn’t solve their problems with a customer base expecting free goods, a value chain that has disintegrated and xxx. For the writers a CC-license is not the killer app – the road for fame and riches. Creative commons does not make the legal part easier and it doesn’t stop enforcement. It will still be hard to be a writer, the administration marketing and all the fuzz in general doesn’t go away. You still have to think through your commercial options. To me that’s fun but I imagine a writer would hate it.

So what does CC give you?

As a customer you get content where you have a chance of understanding the license terms, and hopefully more content. Although I somewhat doubt that more free content will mean more purchases – newspapers is one example where free online content doesn’t sell papers. As a publisher you get a standardized license and some newfound flexibility if you dare use it.

So all in all more CC-salons needed to shine the light on still dark corners.

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