23rd maj, 2011

Danish Inventor Honored by EPO at European Inventor Award 2011

May 19. Jens Dall Bentzen was named inventor of the year in the SME category. Jens Dall Bentzen won because of his advances in biomass systems. His biomass furnace expands the types of usable fuels, as it can burn both dry biomass as well as materials, which have a moisture content of up to 60%. After having built and operated a 2 MW pilot plant Dall Energy received its first order for a commercial 8 MW heating plant in 2010. The commercial plant started operation in March 2011.

It is really great to see a Danish inventor make progress in this field. I have been very critical about the level of innovation in Danish utilities (water, sewage and heating). Bentzen shows that the Danish inventors do have something to offer, if they focus on bringing it to the market. The Bentzen innovative effort has resulted in 7 patents so far. Hopefully his good ideas and the Inventor award will promote  his groundbreaking inventions and spur further ideas.


We would like to congratulate Jens Dall Bentzen for winning this year’s award in the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises category. His biomass furnace, just like all of the groundbreaking inventions from this year’s 15 nominees, is proving to be important for both the economy and society. To find out more about Bentzen and all of this year’s nominees, check out our Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/europeaninventoraward

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