20th maj, 2011

Do you know what happens to your copyright when you use online hosting services?

Glenn Fleichmann has been considering what happens to your copyright when you upload your photos to a hosting service. He has created a list of copyright terms from popular sites like flickr, imgly and yfrog. One worry is that the terms make it look like you are giving up some of your copyright to the hosting site.

The list is divided in two: the plain language license and the obscure legal license. The last category is of course used by the global companies like Yahoo! And is both much longer and almost unreadable in most cases. Img.ly has the shortest one “The images shared on img.ly are belongings of their respective owners.” In comparison TwitPics terms are 32 lines.

I don’t think the hosting sites are considering taking over your copyright and making money of it, the wording is just clumsy.

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