18th maj, 2011

Lego® Tapping Directly into the Consumers Brain

I came across an interesting article in my newspaper today. Global toy company Lego® is testing a new idea for fostering new products. On a Japanese website (www.cuusoo.com ) users can upload their ideas for new Lego® sets. If enough users like the idea Lego® will produce the set and give you 1% of the turnover.

The first Lego® set created this way is already on the market. The deep sea explorer Shinkai is out  10.000 box sets, conceived by an ordinary Lego® fan.

This show remarkable insight and adaptation of the user generated products approach. The challenge for the company is to maintain their brand with a potential multitude of different sets. Furthermore the company must also adapt their production to this new concept and especially the speed of transformation from idea to product is important. Consumers will be wanting a new product tomorrow if the idea is good.
If Lego® should take their idea even further they should build a design interface so you could design your own model completely and at the end press “buy” and Lego would compile your own box for your model and ship it to you. You would probably have a problem with generating an assembly manual but that could be solved.
Lego® is preparing an international launch of the Japanese concept…I’m looking forward to it! My favorite idea on Cuusoo is the Lego® Ipod docking station (continuing the successful co-branding strategy).

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