13th maj, 2011

New assault on US IP pirates

Wired reports that a new copyright bill has been introduced in the US. The bill target websites infringing IP and allowing the government or right holders to ask ISP´s to block DNS of a website. This is much the same as the Danish Pirate Bay injunction making Danish ISP´s block The Pirate bay. The new bill will also allow rights holders to seek court orders instructing online ad services and credit card companies from partnering with the infringing sites. This will harm the revenue stream to the sites and is actually a good idea. Taking away the money will probably be more effective than blocking the DNS, since the block can be circumvented.
Many of the negative comments directed towards the bill is about the Attorney General and right holders using their power discressionary. However the bill clearly states in section 3a, that the owner of the website shall be heard in the injunction case.
I am sure that this bill will generate a lot of attention. See the EFF coverage here

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