8th apr, 2011

Innovation in basic utilities area is stagnating

I have been researching a bit in innovation in the basic utilities sector the last few weeks. Basic utilities here are defined as water utilities, wastewater handling and district heating. I started out curious to see whether there is innovation in the sector at all.
I have summed my research based on patent data in a presentation on slideshare, but my main conclusions are:
·         Innovation growth in the area of basic utilities seems to have stagnated, measured in patents.
·         This will challenge our need to adapt the infrastructure to
·         climate change,
·         water quality,
·         wastewater treatment
·         The focus on green technologies are dampening innovation in the basic utilities area
·         An ambition of selling Danish technology and knowhow on the international market is not supported by patents. This opens up for export of primarily services and not technology.
·         Initiatives working towards more R&D in basic utilities are needed
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