20th feb, 2011

Every schoolchild should know basic IP

In today’s Politiken there is an opinion by Tine Smedegaard Andersen who is a publisher. The opinion comments on copyright piracy and the need for education and awareness. She gives the example of education in Danish schools when it comes to climate change. Danish pupils are taught how to combat climate change at home. My own kids have had many trips to district heating facilities, water lab and so on. Therefore they know how to act to save the climate. 

With copyright it´s another matter. My kids know how to act around music and movies…because I taught them. But the schools don´t teach basic copyrights and wrongs. This is a thing to consider. The hard part is getting room for copyright in a schedule already full of other stuff, but surely a few hour every year could be devoted to the subject. Maybe even in religion classes – what is moral and do you take stuff without paying for it? One problem could be that the materials for teaching kids about copyright and IP in general is produced by ministries and organizations not knowing the slightest about learning or education. Therefore it is very likely that the materials do not meet the educator’s requirements. So get a IP guy and a teacher together and get cracking. 

Thinking this blogpost over I came to think of something. The ones downloading illegal copies are they themselves creators? How many of the downloaders do create works themselves and have to live from their creations? My guess is not many

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