7th feb, 2011

Increase Danish customs seizures

The Danish anti-counterfeiting initiative”Stop piraterne” reports that seizures made by Danish customs increased in 2010 from 628 cases to 1043 cases (that’s 66% increase). Measured in monetary value the seized goods were worth $ 16.5 million which is almost a 50% increase. 

A seemingly modest investment from the participants in “Stop Piraterne” has paid off big time. The Danish Patent Office has budgeted DKK 3.5 mio. for the project and if the other participants has a share equal to their participation the investment is around DKK 20 mill. ($ 3,6 mill.) which is a decent return of investment. And you have to remember that the money spent are not “new” money but a new way to use your budgetted funds

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