21st sep, 2010

A new approach for open source towards IP?

I follow Florian Müllers FOSS Patents blog, and though I never met him I remember him well from the Anti Computer-implemented Inventions directive crusade I Europe. Much of the rhetoric going on then was harsh and black and white. Nevertheless I am surprised to read his blog and find a surprisingly pro-IP post. It may be because I myself have become entrenched in my views, but I don’t remember this tone from Florian back in the day.
However the post about Ubunto is very well balanced and have some interesting points (consessions?) for example “The one lesson that I believe many more people in the FOSS community should learn from the Ubuntu debate is that intellectual property is a perfectly valid concept. Intellectual property rights (IPRs) were created by governments in order to ensure that innovators and other creative people get to benefit from their work. The IPR system may have its counterproductive protuberances, but the basic underlying idea is a good one.”
The point he is making is curiously the almost exact wording of the Danish government during the patent war in Europe. We didn´t get any credit for that then, but I’m glad the point emerges in the FOSS community.


Don’t worry, the guy is being paid by you know who to troll the free software developers.

Well the point isn´t so much who Florian is working for (if anybody – I don´t know) but if his points are true. A statement dosn´t get transformed into a lie just because you dont like the guy stating it – sometimes you wish the world worked that way but you have to swallow even the bitter pills.

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