21st jul, 2010

New IP enforcement plan from US

During the summer I missed the launch of the first US intellectual property enforcement strategy, by the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator. Back from my holiday I read the 65 page strategy and found several interesting items. The strategy is divided in 6 different categories
(1) Leading by example
(2) Increasing transparency
(3) Ensuring efficiency and coordination
(4) Enforcing our rights internationally
(5) Securing our supply chain
(6) Building a data-driven Government
A few examples of the action items:
·         Establishment of a U.S. Government-Wide Working Group to Prevent U.S. Government Purchase of Counterfeit Products
·         Improved Transparency in Intellectual Property Policy-Making and International Negotiations (I´m sure the ACTA crowd will love this)
·         Coordination of National Law Enforcement Efforts to Avoid Duplication and Waste (always a good idea)
·         Improve the Effectiveness of Personnel Stationed Overseas to Combat Intellectual Property Infringement
·         Assessing the Economic Impact of Intellectual Property-Intensive Industries
The strategy has been developed by 8 agencies in corporation.

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