21st jul, 2010

Harry Potter and the silly lawsuit

No it´s not a new book, it´s actually a lawsuit. 

Some time ago I read a story about the estate of British author Adrian Jacobs claiming that his books were infringed by the Harry Potter stories. This has blossomed into a lawsuit that has now hit the US shores. In the lawsuit it is claimed that harry Potter infringes Willy the Wizard because of similarities in the plotline. An example from the lawsuit: Both Willy and Harry uncover the nature of this central task covertly in a bathroom (From the Goblet of fire). 


It is a sad lawsuit. Even if J.K. Rowling did get inspired by Willy the Wizard the copyright does not cover concepts or ideas. Furthermore if you compare Willy with Harry there are no similarities at all. It is a poor lawyer that does not read his case law and refuse to litigate a lost cause, unless you write litigation costs off as marketing. 

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