2nd jul, 2010

Louis Vuitton locusts removed from art exhibition

Boingboing reports that nine sculptures has been removed from an art exhibition In Japan at the request of Louis Vuitton. 


The sculptures are made from pirated designer bags and sport the LV logo. Even though the sculptures are very nicely done and comments on the pirate consumerism, LV wanted them gone. 


When judging the fairness of LV´s actions you could use Kristine Riskjærs “hvorfor fanden/why the hell” test. The test involves the question “why is it necessary to use the trademark?”. In this case the trademark is used to show how pirated goods are like locusts spreading fast and destroying good things in their path. The LV bags are some of the most well-known pirated goods and therefore a good trademark to use. 


So because there is a meaning of the use of the trademark and it is a piece of art I don’t think it should have been removed. 


See more about the sculptures here 

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