25th jun, 2010

World Cup 2010 is big business for pirates

A survey by Kelkoo Shows that 23 % of UK consumers would buy fake world cup merchandize. The same survey estimates that the losses are around £ 90 million, which is quite a lot. 


Football shirts have always been a favorite of the pirates. When I was in Africa the football shirt was the most worn shirt of all. And on markets across Denmark you see Barcelona shirts sporting the Messi name all over the place and in a lousy quality. 


A positive side of the Kelkoo survey is that only 11 % of consumers claim to knowingly have bought a fake product while 24 % have been “tricked” into buying fake products. 


Actually an interesting story is also that the UK Border agency has initiated a crackdown on fake football shirts during the World Cup in South Africa. Already 3200 fake shirts have been seized by authorities co-operating with trademarkowners like Addidas, Nike and Puma. In 2009 more than 50,000 counterfeit replica shirts, worth approximately £1.2m, were seized in total. See video on Youtube.




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