21st maj, 2010

Half a story of copyrights and mashups

Via BoingBoing I found the movie “Walking on eggshells”. This is another interesting movie on mashups… with the same error as many others. Essentially the 24 minute movie is missing 24 minutes, namely the other side of the story.
In the movie all the participants are clearly critical of the current copyright regime and does not apply perspective to the subject of mashups. Most of the interviewed persons are happy to share their pocket philosophical opinion on copyright and most of them get it wrong. Furthermore they seem to think that they speak for the industry – art or music. One person says “for the museum or gallery business copyright is irrelevant” I find that very very hard to believe. Lastly the movie is plagued by the traditional analogies not fitting to the situation. An example is “Van Gogh´s incentive was not copyright” as an illustration of how useless copyright is. You cannot use an example from the early industrial revolution as an analogy for today’s society – you can’t compare van Gogh´s incentives to Britney Spears.
However I did enjoy the movie and want to see the next 24 minutes of the story. The most impressive part is however that the movie was made by students from Yale in a class called “Intellectual Property in the Digital Age” – that is both well executed and very creative thinking from lecturer Elizabeth Stark (although the reading list seems a bit biased).

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