19th maj, 2010

Danish Survey on the Strongest Danish Brands

Danish newspaper Berlingske Business has done a survey on the strongest Danish brands. The survey shows that Lego, Google and DR2 (Danish public television) tops the list. 


In my opinion the survey is not that well done. The survey focus on 4500 interviews with consumers and their opinion on 262 brands. I like the Interbrand method better, as it balances the role of the brand (consumer opinion etc.) with financial status and general brand strength. A signal of the value of the survey maybe is that retail chain SuperBest is the highest riser among the brands. It is odd that this brand is scored that high (159) since there has been a lot of bad PR surrounding the company. Also ranking McDonalds as the 4th weakest brand in Denmark is a huge “mistake”. Using the Interbrand method McDonalds is the worlds 6th strongest brand. 


So don´t put too much in the survey…it’s a consumer survey nothing else. 

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